How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction after Prostate Surgery

Posted by Men's Health Restoration Team on Jun 10, 2016 12:00:40 PM


Many men that have prostate cancer are rightfully concerned about undergoing a prostate surgery that results in erectile dysfunction (ED). Whether the treatment is radical prostatectomy (operation to remove the prostate gland), radiation therapy or medical therapy, ED often develops. If radical prostatectomy is performed, there is existing clinical evidences that vacuum erectile device (penile pump) therapy can improve ED and preserve penile size after your surgery. 

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What is the link between Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Cancer?

Posted by Men's Health Restoration Team on Jun 1, 2016 4:18:30 PM

Is there a linkage between erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer?  Yes. Although many advancement have been made in treatment of prostate cancer to decrease the rate of mortality, many men are left with life long side effects from treatment. Erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer are linked as ED is the most common side effect, occurring in a staggering 80% of men.  The second most common is urinary leakage, occurring in 49% of men. The most common treatment options for prostate cancer include radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy which account for these side effects. The reason for this is simple: the nerves and blood vessels that control the mechanism of an erection are extremely delicate, therefore any trauma to the area will result in some form of erectile dysfunction.

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