Erectile Dysfunction Exercises to Fight ED

Posted by Men's Health Restoration Team on Jun 29, 2016 1:45:25 PM


Exercises for ED

We featured pelvic floor erectile dysfunction exercises in a previous blog article. But one of the best ways to increase blood flow to the penis is to increase blood flow everywhere else. We are talking about good old aerobic exercise.  If trimming your waist line wasn't a already priority, hopefully this will get you motivated: 71% of men reported improved erectile function after just 30 days of 6 minute per day walking regiment!  What happened in the control group?  A 9% increase in reported ED.  As far as erectile dysfunction exercises go, walking may be the easiest and at only 6 minutes per day, it may be one of the most convenient. Weight training may also be beneficial, as well as core exercises.

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Obesity and ED: Can ED caused by being Overweight be Reversed?

Posted by Men's Health Restoration Team on Mar 16, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Obesity and ED (erectile dysfunction) are more closely linked than previously thought. Obesity and ED go hand in hand because obesity results in low testosterone levels and impaired blood flow to the penis.  Resolving these issues could cure your ED, and reducing your weight may keep erectile dysfunction from returning.

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Are Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction Related?

Posted by Men's Health Restoration Team on Mar 15, 2016 11:09:48 AM

Yes, obesity and erectile dysfunction are related. Heavier men are 30% more likely to have problems getting and sustaining erections, according to a Harvard study.  Why are obese men at an increased risk for erectile dysfunction

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Topics: Erectile Dysfunction, Causes of Erectile Dysfunction, Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

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