Erectile Dysfunction Exercises Worth Trying

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Exercise can often help improve many conditions, but are there erectile dysfunction exercises out there that work?  In short, yes, there is one erectile dysfunction exercise that is backed up by successful study data: 40% of participants attained normal erectile function and 34.5% had improved erectile function

Pelvic Floor Exercises

When you think of erectile dysfunction exercises, it makes intuitive sense that we are talking about the muscles in the pelvis... but doing sit-ups on the floor to work your lower abs isn't what we are talking about here.  The pelvic floor muscles are in the very bottom of your pelvis and control actions such as urination.  You typically don't think about contracting these muscles, but refining your control of them and strengthening them is possible and is one of the proven erectile dysfunction exercises.  Try following these steps to improve your erectile function:

1) Identify the 'pelvic floor' muscles - The next time you urinate, try to stop the stream of urine. Or, when you need to urinate, be self-conscious of the muscles you are using (after all, you've likely not thought about it since your potty training years).  It's these pelvic muscles that allow you stop the stream or hold back the tide.  Focus on how you control them. 

2) Try working them out - For these muscles, a workout is considered constricting them for 5 seconds and then relaxing.  This will feel odd and unnatural at first but will be come easier with time and repetition.  Not sure if you are doing it right?  Stand in front of a mirror with your feet shoulder with apart and try tightening the muscles. If you see the base of your penis move closer to your abdomen and your testicles rise, you are working the desired muscles.

3) Get in a routine - Want to be part of the 40% of the study participants who regained their erectile function?  We'd suggest that you follow the same erectile dysfunction exercises called out in the study.  We've seem some references out there to 50x+ constriction exercises/day, or the use of washcloths for weights, but didn't see any study data that supported those claims or amounts.  Here's the skinny on what the study participants actually did and you may want to try:

  1. In a standing position - Stand with your feet apart and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Hold the contraction as strongly as you can, and avoid holding your breath, tensing your buttock or pulling in your abdomen.  Do this 3x in the Morning, and 3x again in the evening.
  2. In a sitting position - Sit with your knees apart and tighten the muscles as if you were lifting them off the chair (but keep your butt in the chair, and avoid tensing your abs and butt while keeping your breathing normal).  Again, hold the contraction as strongly as you can for 5 seconds, 3x morning and 3x evening.
  3. In a lying position - Lay on your back with your knees bent and apart. Constrict those muscles again (with out tightening other muscles or holding your breath) 3x morning and 3x evening for 5 seconds.
  4. While walking - When you're walking, try constricting the muscles, but instead of constricting to 100%, shoot for 50%. This should make walking easier and comparatively more natural.  No specific time was mentioned in the study for this one, but try a few laps around the bedroom.
  5. After urinating - When you empty your bladder, avoid the after-dribble by strongly contracting the pelvic floor.
  6. During sexual activity - "Try tightening your pelvic floor muscles rhythmically to achieve and maintain penile rigidity during sexual activity. Slow thrusting movements generate higher pressures inside the penis"

It's also interesting to note that the mean age in this study trial was 59.2 and they completed these erectile dysfunction exercises for 3 months. Also, the men were also coached on the importance of lifestyle changes to improve erectile function, such as reducing alcohol levels, quitting smoking, increasing fitness levels, losing weight, and avoiding saddle pressure.  Learn more about the common causes of erectile dysfunction here.


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