Erectile Dysfunction Exercises to Fight ED

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Exercises for ED

We featured pelvic floor erectile dysfunction exercises in a previous blog article. But one of the best ways to increase blood flow to the penis is to increase blood flow everywhere else. We are talking about good old aerobic exercise.  If trimming your waist line wasn't a already priority, hopefully this will get you motivated: 71% of men reported improved erectile function after just 30 days of 6 minute per day walking regiment!  What happened in the control group?  A 9% increase in reported ED.  As far as erectile dysfunction exercises go, walking may be the easiest and at only 6 minutes per day, it may be one of the most convenient. Weight training may also be beneficial, as well as core exercises.

Aerobic Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Improving your overall health through aerobic exercise will also decrease likelihood of common causes of ED such as diabetes, high cholesterol, vascular disease and obesity.  If you get your heart rate up and pumping oxygen into those blood vessels, including the penis, you may notice your general sexual performance improve as the result of higher stamina.

Walking, Swimming, Yoga, kickboxing, grabbing a pickup game of basketball, whatever gets you motivated can be helpful. But, be a little cautious with cycling.  If you don't have a seat wide enough, pressure can build up on the arteries supplying the penis and can actually contribute to erectile dysfunction.  Not that these are aerobic exercises, but keep this in mind for motorcycle riding and horseback riding as well.  Use a seat or saddle that moves the pressure off of your groin area as much as possible.

Weight Training Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Adding weight training to your workout may also be beneficial.  Resistance training improves endothelial function. The endothelium is the inner lining of blood vessels that helps blood flow smoothly throughout the body, including the penis.  

Abdominal/Core Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Giving your abdominal muscles a workout may also increase stamina.  Traditional plank exercises, sit ups, and whatever the new fad ab workout is may be a good place to start.  

Generally, having a smaller waste line can be a good way to fight erectile dysfunction. Heavy men are 30% more likely to have ED problems, according to a Harvard Study. Furthermore, one study found that losing just 5% to 10% of body weight over a two month period improved erectile function (and revved up sex drives) of obese men with diabetes.

Next Step Past Exercises for ED

Exercises for ED not cutting it?  Learn more about available treatment options in this Free Infographic on the 5 Step ED Treatment Guide:


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A lack of physical activity may be a large contributor to your ED.  Just as a sedentary lifestyle can lead to plaque formation in the arteries leading to your heart, the same plaque can also form in the penile arteries. Although this plaque is typically not life threatening, it may be quality of life threatening if it leads to erectile dysfunction.  One option available is for a physician to do the minimally invasive RESTORE Procedure to identify the location of the blockages in the pelvic arteries, and then remove the blockages through balloon angioplasty.  This option may be effective, particularly if patients have not responded to non-invasive treatments such as oral ED medications or penile injections. Or, if patients are unwilling to utilize penile pumps or other options.

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